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Heading 1 - Describes the Whole Page

Generate easy to read, scannable text – short sentences and paragraphs. Users generally don’t read Web content word-for-word so make sure your content is written to be scanned. Instead of using the phrase “click here” for links, use a more accurate link description. Consider your target audience when creating content and be sure your content is geared for their interests.

Heading 2 - Use Meaningful Headlines

Use simple word choice. Users don’t like to read complex wording on the Web. Users are looking to get to the information they want as quickly as they can. The fewer distractions in the way the better.

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Make sure your content is continually being updated. Give your users the impression that you are an active association. Also, updating content causes search engines to re-index your page leading to higher page rankings.

Heading 3 - Keep Your Headlines Short

This is a block quote. Block quotes are used when quoting something that is longer than four lines of text. These types of quotes are typically taken from books, speeches and interviews. Make sure to cite the source you are quoting from.

Steve Krug, a web usability expert, has this to say about content, "Get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of what's left."

Heading 4 - Use Headlines Sparingly

Headlines divide up the page and show which parts of the page are more important. Headlines are numbered 1-6 and are used to set up a hierarchy of information. Heading 1 is the most broad and should be used like chapter titles. Each following heading should cover more and more specific information.

The stylesheet is designed for headings 1-4 to be in the main area, and headings 5 and 6 to be used in the left and right navigation articles.

Heading 5
  • Lists draw the eye to the important information.
  • Make sure images serve a purpose.
  • Refrain from using images for the sake of filling up a page.
  • Resize large images before uploading them.
Heading 6


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