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New Novel: KING DAVID: The Golden Age of Ancient Israel

Tuesday, December 2, 2014   (0 Comments)
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New Novel: KING DAVID: The Golden Age of Ancient Israel  
Volume 1: The Luck Children


First of a 4-Volume Series: The most comprehensive account of David – the man, the life, the times – ever. No comparable account exists. Scholarly books are too thin and limitedly microscopic. They tend to ignore the comparative Saul-David-Solomon reigns, David’s achievements and timeline, the budding state and growth of the motherlode of modern Western religion, the birth of Formative Judaism, its Yawhist/Elohist split, David’s geopolitics, the start of a king list that endured for 1,000 years. For not a page of the Bible had been set down in alphabetic script until perhaps David’s final years. Modern novels and films have focused on David’s romantic life, guessing at which woman was his greatest love, skewing popular understanding of him.

Since 1950, Hebrew scholars have probed early biblical  text, amplifying the Scriptural David story. A modernist view now exists that, among other things, suggests David met Bathsheba when he was 61 and she was 16. It is likely David’s first love was Queen Rizpah when he was taken into Saul’s palace as a minstrel and luck child. Rizpah was herself a luck child, taken into Saul’s concubine harem. Through feminine wile, she rose to the queen’s harem at 19. This story of young David and Rizpah – the luck children – has never been told. It is the subject of Al Sundel’s first volume in a 4-volume series totaling 900 pages. When David is forced to flee, through Saul’s sexual jealousy, he will not see Rizpah again for 50 years. She now hates him, for in later volumes they become entangled in the succession to Saul where David’s hand is forced to move against her. In itself, a Shakespearean tragedy.

David was a man who took chances in an amazing life of adventure and love in watershed religious times. The reader is later eyewitness to David’s years as an outcast, his slow incredible rise to king of Hebron, then of Judah, then of Israel. He conquered impregnable Jerusalem and made it a holy city. He united the Twelve Tribes against raiders from the Outer Rim, until the name of Israel and Judah replaced Canaan. He thus created the first durable nation state in the Levant 3,000 years ago. He did this by beating all raiding bandit armies until the trade route to the Euphrates became safe. This made the land prosper rapidly. 

In old age, David had to put down a rebellion by son Absolam and lay dying while son Solomon carried out a series of assassinations against rivals for succession. Solomon inherited a rich nation state that joined with Tyre – the greatest city of that era – to send a fleet to India and bring back chickens and oranges, both native to Southeast Asia. As scrolling of the Bible now first began in earnest in alphabetic script among the Yahwist sect. All told in a fast-read light black-humor style. Available on Amazon and 29 other e-sites at $9.99.


Contact: Al Sundel 

The Author’s Bio: Al Sundel has published 3 suspense novels. In ONLY THE DEAD CAN TALK, twin infant Holocaust survivors who have been cruelly experimented on are separated and grow up half a world apart, one in Israel, the other in California. Both are now psychiatrists and have adopted a child. Their Nazi doctor-tormenter escaped the Nazi Doctors Trials and is captured in London in his old age. He has never stopped with his heartless experiments, not out of madness but heartlessness. He has twin sons who come after the living witnesses as killers. The adopted children become involved, both with the case and each other.

Al Sundel worked in medical/psychiatric communications on editorial projects for top-10 companies, like Merck and J Walter Thompson. He previously worked as a NYC editor. He published  nonfiction books and in literary magazines (Partisan Review, Nation, etc), was awarded residence at Yaddo Writers Colony, and produced seminars on Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Kafka and in medicine/psychiatry, as well as 24 short films. His in memoriam essay on Nobel Peace Prize winner I B Singer, whom he knew personally, is used in college courses. More bio information available on Facebook and the Author's Amazon Page.


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