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Group Forums

AJPA is proud to offer our members the opportunity to ask questions of one another and receive answers from a number of other professionals as well as share potential news stories through the Group Forums. The group forums allow a member who wants his/her colleagues' advice to send out one message which automatically reaches all AJPA professionals within the group.

AJPA offers four different Group Forums:

  • Business: used for the discussion of matters and questions such as those concerning circulation, advertising, and sales
  • Editorial: a place for the discussion of editorial matters, as well as passing along useful information
  • Freelancer: used by freelance members to network among themselves and to discuss issues directly effecting them
  • Good and Welfare: used by all AJPA members to share announcements and kudos to fellow AJPA members
  • Story: used by editors to ask other papers and freelancers for articles they are looking for and by freelancers to offer up the subjects of articles they are working on to see who might be interested

If you are a current AJPA member in good standing and are interested in joining any of the Group Forums listed above, please click the links below to go to the forum and subscribe. AJPA Group Forums are exclusive to members only.

Please do not post direct sales pitches.

For any questions please contact AJPA Headquarters.

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