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JRelease: Talmud Israeli Crowns Diaspora Winner in First Worldwide Competition

December 17, 2019 2:22 PM | Deleted user

Talmud Israeli Crowns Diaspora Winner in First
Worldwide Competition

Gal Naor, Chairman of Talmud Israeli - Daf Yomi For Us, is delighted to announce that over 1,100 families from around the world participated in this international competition. He invites all new learners to join Talmud Israeli’s innovative educational program in honor of the upcoming Siyyum HaShas.

Jerusalem, Israel (12/17/19) – Fifteen teams (parent-child, siblings) from across Israel and the United States eagerly arrived at the Jerusalem Theatre on Sunday, December 15, 2019 to vie for the championship in the first Worldwide Talmud Israeli Chidon (competition). These families prepared for more than seven months with the goal of reaching the final round in Jerusalem. Each team passed two prior qualifying rounds. Talmud Israeli is incredibly proud that the Diaspora Delegation matched the achievement level of the Israeli participants.

Three teams who travelled to Israel from the United States: Dr. Yardaena Osband and her son, Yonah Glazer of Riverdale, NY (Yonah is an 8th-grader at SAR Academy), Dovid Kanarfogel and his son, Ezra of Cedarhurst, NY (Ezra is a 4th-grader at HAFTR), and Dr. Jordan Rosenstock and his son, Eytan of White Plains, NY (Eytan is a 7th-grader at Westchester Day School). The Diaspora Delegation arrived in Israel last week for days of intense preparations in advance of the Chidon. In attendance at the Chidon were the Israeli Minister of Education, the Chief Rabbi of the IDF, and the Mayor of Jerusalem. The President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, posed the final question of the Chidon.

Dr. Jordan and Eytan Rosenstock were crowned the Diaspora Winners and were awarded the prize of a "family fun day excursion”,  to encourage meaningful experiences that strengthen relationships within the family unit, which is one of Talmud Israeli’s goals.

Talmud Israeli Founder and Editor-in-chief, Meir Jakobsohn, commented, “It was so moving to see children displaying such extensive knowledge of Gemara and Israeli history.”

Yael Schulman, Director of Talmud Israeli - Daf Yomi For Us, added. “It has been an honor to accompany the Diaspora Delegation not only to Israel, but through the preliminary rounds of the Chidon and witness the dedication of so many people around the world to Gemara learning along with their deep love of Israel”.

Gal Naor, Chairman of Talmud Israeli - Daf Yomi For Us, observed, “It was truly remarkable to see that Talmud Israeli - Daf Yomi For Us, a project established in the United States only three years ago, has grown to include thousands of weekly learners with more than 10,000 copies of the weekly publication distributed across the USA. My goal is to double the number of learners around the world within the next year."

For almost a century, Jews around the world have participated in the joy of Daf Yomilearning. The 14th machzor (cycle) of Daf Yomi starts in just two weeks on 1/5/20. Everyone is invited to join Talmud Israeli’s circle of international learners and partake in the mitzvah of “le’hagdil Torah u’le’ha’adira” (to magnify Torah and to exalt it) by encouraging others to join Talmud Israeli for the new cycle. Synagogues and schools will receive the weekly publication completely free of charge. Talmud Israeli looks forward to partnering with schools, synagogues, organizations, and individuals in this historic effort.

About Talmud Israeli: Talmud Israeli is an innovative educational program combining the study of Talmud with Torah, modern Jewish history, and Israel, with the goal of strengthening Jewish identity, connections to Israel, and ahavat ha’aretzfor learners around the world. Talmud Israeli makes complicated Talmudic material accessible, understandable and enjoyable for students of all ages by explaining one concept from each daf of the Gemara. Over the past three years, Talmud Israeli - Daf Yomi For Us, the English branch of Talmud Israeli, has developed and customized material for English-speaking learners around the world, delivering an assortment of educational products free-of-charge to more than 200 day schools and synagogues in North America alone.

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