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  • September 03, 2019 4:39 PM | Deleted user

    Mid-Atlantic Media, LLC, which publishes Baltimore’s Child, Baltimore Jewish Times, Baltimore Style Magazine, Consumer’s Eye Magazine, Home Services Magazine, Frederick’s Child, Washington Family, and Washington Jewish Week has been chosen to provide design/production and some select administrative services for Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P) magazine through Mid-Atlantic Media’s Custom Media division.

    E&P is a 135-year-old publication which covers all aspects of the news publishing industry. The magazine was sold on Aug. 30 to nationally renowned media consultant Mike Blinder and a newly formed company, The Curated Experiences Group.

    “I have great respect for Mid Atlantic Media’s commitment to producing quality publications for their own brands and the many media companies they serve. I am confident that I am putting the production of Editor and Publisher Magazine in the right hands,” Blinder, now publisher, said.

    Mid-Atlantic Media’s Custom Media division provides design/production services both in print and digital format for a wide range of newspaper and magazine publishers as well as education, nonprofit, and consumer entities.  Equipped with strong design, editorial, production and project management resources, it handles any or all aspects of publication, collateral and digital demands.

    “Editor & Publisher has always been a primary resource for me in my media career, so we’re honored to be working with the publication. We look forward to working with Mike and his team,” said Craig Burke, CEO of Mid-Atlantic Media.

    Contact: Craig Burke, CEO, cburke@midatlanticmedia.comJeni Mann, Director of Custom Publishing,

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.

  • August 21, 2019 9:03 AM | Deleted user

    August 21, 2019 - Mid-Atlantic Media, LLC, which publishes Baltimore’s Child, Baltimore Jewish Times, Baltimore Style Magazine, Consumer’s Eye Magazine, Home Services Magazine, Washington Family, and Washington Jewish Week, has expanded its media holdings with the acquisition of the Frederick, Md.-based Frederick’s Child.

    A regional parenting publication, Frederick’s Child was sold by Strongdini Enterprises. Roger and Donna Strong of Mt. Airy, Maryland were publishers of Frederick’s Child for 28 years and Craig Burke is CEO of Mid-Atlantic Media.

    “We are pleased to align Frederick’s Child with a group that understands parenting publications and are confident it will be a great addition to their family of products and an asset to the Frederick County community.” Strong said.

    As part of the acquisition, Mid-Atlantic Media has no immediate plans to make any significant changes other than improving its digital presence. Terms of the deal were not released.

    Mid-Atlantic Media, in addition to its publications, also operates a substantial custom media portfolio and has offices in Owings Mills and Rockville, Md., Philadelphia, Pa. and Phoenix, Ariz.

    While emphasizing a “business as usual” approach for the near term, Burke stressed that the acquisition fits right in with Mid-Atlantic Media’s strategic plans.

    “Mid-Atlantic Media continues to be interested in growing its parenting publication business. These parenting publications have an important voice in helping families with quality advice for raising children and connecting with their local communities,” he said. “Our advertisers, which are also significant resources for our readers, have enjoyed much success growing their business through smart advertising programs in these parenting publications. We are proud to add Frederick’s Child to our family. There are obvious synergies that exist with our established Baltimore and Washington parenting publications.

    “We look forward to providing valuable content to Frederick area families,” Burke added.

    Contact: Craig Burke, CEO,

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.

  • August 16, 2019 9:05 AM | Deleted user

    Remembering: The Maurits Kiek Story Screened in Indonesian Cinema

    August 16, 2019 - "Herinneren: Het verhaal van Maurits Kiek…Remembering: The Maurits Kiek Story" received its Indonesian censor approval and made its Asian screening premiere at the Planet Hollywood XXI, Jakarta, Indonesia, on July 9th, 2019. Cheryl Halpern, the American producer and director of this feature length documentary, said, "I appreciate the opportunity to share my documentary film, subtitled in the Bahasa language, with Indonesian and other Asian Pacific audiences. This film presents a lesson from the past that must be remembered today in our world where violence, prejudice and injustice is emerging with renewed vigor. Maurits Kiek is a hero for all of us to remember as we, too, are challenged to respond to inhumanity and cruelty."

    “Herinneren: Het verhaal van Maurits Kiek…Remembering: The Maurits Kiek Story” presents a young Jewish man’s courage to return to Nazi-occupied Europe where a reward for his capture ‘dead or alive’ had already been posted.  He served as a covert British MI-9 agent and engaged in saving the lives of allied airmen and others regardless of race, religion or creed.  Maurits Kiek’s unwavering determination to stand up, in the face of overwhelming odds, and fight the perpetrators of evil was most recently acknowledged in 2015 in Den Haag, the seat of government for The Netherlands.
    When asked to explain why she chose to produce this documentary, Mrs. Halpern explained, “I was motivated to produce this documentary given the rise of neo-Nazism, extremism and intolerance around the world and the  exposure of the younger generations, the vanguard of the future, to this bigotry and fanaticism on multiple global multimedia and social networking platforms.  Every generation needs to be taught, with and by example, that when individuals are persecuted because of gender, race, religion or physical limitations, that they have an obligation to protest and stand against the oppressors before they too lose their human dignity.”
    After the screening of her documentary, Mrs. Halpern received the International Woman of Change Award from the World Humanitarian Awards Organization (WHAO). “ Cheryl Halpern deserves this award because she is a woman who has and continues to promote change around the world, not only with her documentaries that applaud the spirit of achievement and provide positive visual images and messages for all audiences, but also with her support for initiatives that encourage young people to appreciate their potential and understand their responsibilities as members of peaceful and tolerant societies wherever they live," stated Damien Dematra, Chairman of the WHAO.
    In Indonesia, Mrs. Halpern is a founder of the Visions of Peace Initiative (VOPI), a not for profit organization, that is dedicated to stimulating youth to first consider and then express their ideas with regard to civility and peaceful coexistence using the broad spectrum of art modalities, including drawing, poetry, song, dance and film. This initiative engages with youth participants under the age of 18 and has already visited schools and orphanages in 22 different cities and has gone viral. When asked to clarify her commitment to the VOPI, Mrs. Halpern explained,  “This is a priority for me especially since we are living in a time when so many of the stories that are aired and shared on the multimedia and social networking platforms focus on violence, hatred corruption and abuse.  By providing an opportunity for their artistic expressions for a more peaceful tomorrow to be seen, heard and shared I hope that our youthful participants will develop a more tolerant state of mind for themselves and will integrate the goals of the VOPI into their daily lives as they mature.” 
    In addressing the screening of her documentary together with her receiving the WHAO award, Mrs. Halpern remarked, “the words of Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Elie Wiesel that are noted at the end of my documentary “Remembering: The Maurits Kiek Story” are equally appropriate for the VOPI, ‘Mankind must remember that Peace is not God’s gift to his creatures.  It is our gift to each other.’ I hope that with proper education and exposure to role models like Maurits Kiek that the youth will find the personal strength to work towards the goal of peaceful coexistence that has eluded previous generations.”

    Film Festivals Alliance
    Contact Name: Irene
    Company Name & Address: Film Festivals Alliance, PO BOX 6987, Jakarta JAT PK 13710, Indonesia

  • July 10, 2019 2:16 PM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    Balkan Kosher provides 75% of all Kosher Certifications in Greece benefitting local enterprises and rebuilding the infrastructure of Jewish life in Salonika and the region through non-profit organization Balkan Jewish Communities

    Balkan Jewish Communities, based in Salonika, Greece, is leading the revival of Sephardic-Ladino heritage and rebuilding Balkan Jewish community life by expanding the availability of Kashrut for the Greek hospitality industry, tourism and providing kosher certification for regional food manufacturing.

    July 9, 2019 - SALONIKA, Greece – Balkan Kosher is one of Europe’s leading Kosher food certification agencies with offices in Greece, Israel and the United States. Balkan Kosher has garnered 75% of ALL Kosher certifications in Greece representing a 30% growth year-over-year for the past 2 years. Many original Greek-based clients have benefited from Balkan Kosher’s international marketing expertise including expansion into key markets - USA, the EU, Australia, Russia and Israel.

    Before Chabad of Salonika opened its doors in 2008, visitors to Salonika had great difficulty finding kosher food, Shabbos accommodations, and accessibility to Jewish historical sites. Today, visitors are able to make the pilgrimage to "La Madre de Israel" (the mother of Israel) with comfort, ease, and fully kosher accommodations. Balkan Kosher, the largest kosher certification agency in the Balkans, has helped Balkan Jewish Communities in achieving its mission of growing Jewish tourism and in connecting Ladino-Sephardic Jews with their glorious heritage.

    Balkan Jewish Communities
    Balkan Jewish Communities was founded in 2008 by Rabbi Yoel and Ruth Kaplan, the Chabad emissaries to the region, with the backing of the Rohr Foundation, Merkos Chabad and several Sephardic, Israeli and local-based Rabbis. Its mission is serving local Jews as well as Ladino Sephardic descendants and survivors worldwide who were scattered following the Inquisition, the Holocaust, and other tragedies in our history.

    Salonika (Thessaloniki) has a long and rich Jewish tradition, dating back to the 1st century. Following the expulsion from Spain in the 15th century, Sephardic Jews escaped to Salonika by invitation from the Ottoman Sultan. Over the next four centuries, the Jewish population of Salonika grew to be the largest in Europe, giving rise to the nickname “La Madre de Israel” (the mother of Israel). For centuries, the Salonika International Port was closed on Shabbat to accommodate the Jews, who were the majority of salonika’s population.

    During its prime, Salonika was an international center of Jewish culture, rabbinic studies and of Kabbalah. It was home to renowned Rabbis including Joseph Caro , author of the Shuchan Aruch and the monumental Bet Yosef;  Shlomo Alkabetz, composer of Lekhah Dodi which is sung every Shabbat the world overYisrael Najara, composer of many traditional Jewish Piyutim and Shabbat songs; the renowned Benveniste family who were one of the leading families in Spain and continue to be so into the 20th century today and the Alkalay family, whose influence spread to positions of Chief Sephardic Rabbi in the USA and in Israel.

    As the emissary of Balkan Jewish Communities, Rabbi Kaplan regularly traveled throughout the region with a Klezmer band, to attract and connect with the many isolated Jews who were concerned about their heritage and hungry for knowledge.  In response to their requests, every year he organized Pesach Sederim, holiday celebrations and study groups in various cities.

    One year at a Chanukah menorah lighting in Kosovo, a man approached him with a photo of his Orthodox grandparents who resembled Rabbi Kaplan in appearance.  He told Rabbi Kaplan that he himself had a Bar Mitzvah, and he wanted his son, who was turning thirteen, to also have a Bar Mitzvah. Rabbi Kaplan got to work obtaining tefillin and lessons for the boy, and a few months later the first Bar Mitzvah in more than forty years was celebrated in Kosovo.

    Balkan Kosher 
    In 2011, while distributing matzah to isolated Jews in Balkan countries, Rabbi Kaplan was approached by the owner of a food company who inquired about his factory becoming kosher certified. After a few more companies had asked about Kosher certification, Balkan Kosher was established in 2012.  Balkan Kosher filled the void of kosher food certification for many local businesses and food manufacturers as well as for Chabad outreach activities and tourism.  Greek food companies were eager to use the Kosher certifications to expand sales into the international kosher marketplace.

    Today, Balkan Kosher is one of Europe’s leading Kosher food certification agencies with offices in Greece, Israel, Albania, and the United States.  “If you are eating a Kosher certified Kalamata olive, chances are it came from a Balkan Kosher company,” asserted Rabbi Yisroel Finman, Consultant. “If you are eating a General Mills product with chocolate as an ingredient in Europe, chances are it came from a Balkan Kosher certified company. In the US, Violife Vegan Cheese can be found in many large supermarket chains and pizza shops. Whole Foods carries Balkan Kosher certified 365 Brand (Whole Foods) Halva and Vegan Cheese. Trader Joe’s is carrying  kosher snack items with Balkan’s Logo on the package.”

    The fast growth of Balkan Kosher has presented opportunities for Greek businesses to thrive despite the recent financial challenges that the Greek government has faced. “Balkan Kosher client companies have found great financial opportunity and growth in collaborating with our experienced team,” notes Judith Kaplan, Executive Assistant.   “Our international world view has opened doors for our clients. They also benefit greatly from our understanding of the technical aspects of industrial food processing resulting in the development of many new products. Our collaborations have created mutual win-win situations forged with trust, respect, and understanding between our cultures. 

    The steady growth and success of Balkan Kosher and its client companies are only a part of the big picture. The real measure of success has been the increased awareness and presence of Jewish life in the Balkan region, and progress in the mission of Balkan Jewish Communities. “By providing seed money and making kosher food available Balkan Kosher helps us to hold many gatherings, such as Shabbos services and meals where we host upwards of 200 tourists every week.  Balkan Jewish Community’s Chabad House and synagogue are located at the Astoria Hotel in the Center of Salonika, where we maintain a kosher kitchen. We are always ready to arrange kosher meals and services as well as accommodations for travelers and locals,” states Rabbi Yosef Kaplan, Rabbinic Director of Balkan Kosher and Chabad Shliach to Salonika. “Many Jews who visit have questions about their history and about their Ladino-Sephardic heritage. We have been able to help families to recover properties confiscated by Nazi and Greeks during the war, to make weddings and Bar Mitzvah for people who had lost all contact with Judaism, to reunite families, and sadly to arrange Jewish funerals. Many Jewish youth who were raised as Christians have continued their studies in Israel and identify more strongly as Jews”

    “One such incident involved a tough boxer who would make snide anti-Semitic remarks and publicly taunt me whenever he saw me on the street.” continues Rabbi Yoel Kaplan. “When he and a group of his friends threatened to harm me, I continued to respond calmly and even managed a smile. One time I even gave him my card and suggested that we meet sometime to 'have a beer’.  The phone call came one Friday afternoon when I was busy helping my wife bake challot and cook for the many guests that would join us for the two-day holiday of Shavuous immediately following Shabbos. “Rabbi,” he began, “I am downstairs. I need to speak with you. Can I meet with you now?” Of course, I warmly suggested that we meet for a drink, and it didn't take long for him to tell me his deep, dark secret: his mother was Jewish. As a small child, the neighbors hid her from the Nazis, sparing her from the fate of her family and of 95% of the city's Jews.  She eventually married a local Greek man and raised her children as non-Jews. First of all, I offered tefillin for him to put on. Next, we visited his mother, who was thrilled to affix a mezuzah on her door. This former bully now joins us frequently for Shabbos and has started a Jewish family. He's a professional boxer and a real tough guy – but he is a Jew and it's our privilege have had a part in bringing him close to Torah. This is one of our main reasons for being in Salonika and in the Balkans - to help lost Jews to reconnect to their glorious heritage.”

    For more information about Balkan Jewish Communities, please visit our website at | Facebook at or email

    For information about Balkan Kosher, please visit our website, or contact Rabbi Yisroel Finman at

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  • May 07, 2019 2:09 PM | Laura Herring (Administrator) Celebrates Polish Centennial With Free Case Evaluation, First-Ever $250 Referral Bonus, No Financial Commitment for Approved Cases Seeking Benefits of Polish Citizenship & EU Passport

    Los Angeles, Calif. – May 7, 2019 -, the leading worldwide Polish citizenship and European Union (EU) passport advocacy agency for those with Polish descent, is offering 24-hour turnaround and free case analysis to determine eligibility for Polish - and thus EU citizenship.  In this year of the Polish Centennial, is for the first time also offering a referral bonus of $250 in May 2019 for clients that become citizens.

 ’s industry-leading premium Polish passport and citizenship services will provide the referred client $125 off of their case fees. Once the client’s case is complete, the source of the referral will receive an additional $125. 

    “ offers a connection with one’s family legacy and a portal into the significant benefits of adding Polish citizenship for its prospective worldwide clients from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and more,” said Founder Neil Kaplan. “We are pleased to celebrate this time of freedom with the Polish people and extend our services to prospective clients with guarantees that ensure a successful outcome for all paying clients.”

    Kaplan continued, “2019 has been a year of tremendous growth in demand for our services based on a growing track record of success and tremendous word-of-mouth.  Also, our UK clients cite the looming nature of Brexit as reasons that they have engaged”

    Poland is currently in a multi-year celebration marking its centennial of independence.  Poland regained its freedom on November 11, 1918, the day World War I ended, after 123 
    years of partition by Russia, Austria and Prussia.  For those families of all faiths and backgrounds who have an ancestor who lived in Poland after this date, their descendants are likely still technically Polish citizens and qualify for an EU passport after citizenship confirmation.

    As a result of the increasing digitization of dusty archives throughout Poland, more and more family documents - such as birth and marriage certificates - are being ‘uncovered’ after decades of being locked away in storage in small villages and larger towns throughout Poland. 

    For hundreds of years, in Galicia and other areas that are now in part of Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania there was a long history of vibrant Jewish life.  A large percentage of Jews worldwide have at least one of their ancestors from this part of the world. Many of these families qualify for Polish citizenship.

    Polish/EU Citizenship Benefits:

    • Work/live/study in any of the 28 EU countries
    • Free/nearly free college education
    • Access to employment/start a business in EU
    • Health care coverage
    • Ability to purchase real estate
    • Streamlined customs/passport control at international airports

    The Marketplace Advantage’s Warsaw-based research team is expert in the identification and obtainment of these documents throughout Poland and neighboring countries, which are often critical pieces of evidence in a citizenship hearing.

    The Benefits of Polish Citizenship
    The tangible benefits of citizenship in the European Union are significant.  Polish citizens can work, live or study without limitation in any of the 28 countries with current EU membership including the UK, France, Italy and Germany. 

    Free - or nearly free - University education is common in the EU and the benefits of being able to work in Europe pay career dividends at any age. Other benefits include more streamlined processes for: starting a business, purchasing property, securing of health care coverage, and many more social benefits. Time saved at the passport lanes of international airports, such as Heathrow, bring smiles and regular benefits when traveling.

    Founded in 2016, is a global advocacy and consulting services firm for individuals wishing to prove their Polish heritage with the hope of securing Polish citizenship and the associated benefits of an EU passport. Headquartered in Southern California with a legal team based in Warsaw, the company provides expert, turnkey, concierge level services for its clientele seeking assistance in navigating the complexities of Polish citizenship law. evaluates all inquiries free of charge and offers a full guarantee for accepted cases.  Clients only pay for successful case outcomes. For more information, please visit or email

    Eric Becker                                                                           
    Becker PR for                                                                
    (303) 638-3469                                                                               

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  • April 16, 2019 2:02 PM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    Creating a Pet-Friendly Passover “Table”

    Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company Offers Approved Kosher for Passover Dog Foods and Cat Foods: Hand-selected fresh meats, fruits and vegetables are grown, picked, and packaged in the USA and perfect for your Passover table

    Markham, IL – (April 16, 2019) The traditions and meals of Passover can be a special time of bringing the whole family together.  As you you’re your plans for the Passover holiday, Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company encourages you to please remember to include your beloved pets and offer them a healthy, Kosher meal that complements your Passover “table” and family traditions.

    As Passover (April 19-27, 2019) approaches, many families are clearing their homes of chometz, or foods containing grains. But instead of having to move your pets’ feeding dishes outside or to the garage, now  Fido can be included in the family festivities, thanks to highly-inspected Kosher for Passover approved products from Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company, endorsed by the Chicago Rabbinical Council*.

    Based outside of Chicago, IL, family owned and operated Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company offers a full line of 100% USA-Made approved Kosher for Passover pet food lines for dogs and cats for almost 85 years.

    Evanger's is the ONLY pet food plant that is endorsed by the cRc for Passover-to make feeding your dogs, cats, and ferrets simple during the holidays. You can be assured products made at Evanger’s are made of the highest quality and are not only suitable for every-day feeding in your home, but can be brought into your home during the Passover holiday as well. For a list of over 40 Kosher for Passover foods that do not combine any meat with dairy products and are chometz-free, click here.

    Believing that pets are truly part of the family, Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company offers pet-parents a huge range of Kosher for Passover pet food options (not Kosher for human consumption).  By not combining any meat with dairy products and also offering products that are chometz-free, over 40 delicious combinations ranging from 100% Grain Free Sweet Potato for Dogs & Cats, 100% Organic Cooked Chicken and Chicken Stews, Liver Snacks, Lamb & Rice Dinner, Wild Salmon, Hunk of Beef, and much much more!  

    Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company 

    *The Chicago Rabbinical Council endorses these products as Kosher for Passover for animal consumption, which means the foods are not only excellent for everyday use, but suitable for all holidays including

    About Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company
    As a family owned and operated USA pet food manufacturer for over 80 years, the mission of the company remains focused on increasing the quality and enjoyment of life of our companion pets through nutrition. Evanger’s remains just as committed to the quality and innovation of each of its foods as the day it opened operations in 1935, and proudly supports independently owned pet shops where quality and customer service are of the upmost importance.  As the only remaining family-owned and operated pet food cannery in the U.S., offering USA-sourced nutrition to improve the health of pets and supporting pet loving customers remains the #1 goal.  For more information, please visit

    Media Contact: Erin Terjesen 602.625.2871 

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.

  • April 10, 2019 2:00 PM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    Talmud Israeli Begins a Bright New Era in Day School Gemara Learning

    Meir Jakobsohn, CEO of Medison Pharma Ltd. and Founder of Talmud Israeli, is delighted that the organization is breaking new ground with innovative learning around the world.

    New York, NY (4/8/19) - One hundred enthusiastic middle-school students representing elite Day Schools in the New York Metropolitan area met today, competing to attain the title of Gemara Champions as they demonstrated their knowledge of Talmud and Israel in a new Gemara Challenge. These lucky students enjoyed a fun-filled educational experience at Westchester Day School, on the shore of Long Island Sound. Each team answered a series of ever-more challenging questions regarding Gemara material, as well as questions about modern Israel. Capping off this unique educational endeavor was a beach-side barbecue hosted by Talmud Israeli, sponsor of the Challenge.

    This was the first time in North America, that a team-based competition combining Talmudic material and Israeli history was organized.  The Talmud Israeli Challenge is a new school-based program that offers learners the opportunity to not only successfully master Talmudic material but also Israeli history. The participating schools are: Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (HALB), The Jewish Educational Center (JEC), Ramaz, Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy (SAR), Westchester Day School (WDS), and The Yavneh Academy.

    Talmud Israeli Founder and Editor-in-chief, Meir Jakobsohn, commented, “It was so moving to see students displaying such extensive knowledge of Talmud. By bringing the wisdom of the Talmud to learners in a fun and enjoyable manner, Talmud Israeli will strengthen Jewish identity and knowledge and nurture a love of learning. And, as an Israeli, it was a genuine thrill seeing American kids knowing and caring so much about Israel.” Jakobsohn was delighted by the fact that the participating students were so well-prepared and excited about their day of learning by the shore. Rabbi Josh Lookstein, Head of School at Westchester Day School said, "We are thrilled to be hosting the Talmud Israeli Challenge. Competition is a fun way for children to learn and we are so excited for the inaugural event.” Gal Naor, Chairman of Talmud Israeli in North America adds, “it has been my honor to bring Talmud Israeli to English-speakers around the world. I am inspired by how the participants enthusiastically demonstrated their dedication to learning at the Talmud Israeli Challenge’s first meet”.

    * The first round of the of the Talmud Israeli Challenge tested the participants on their knowledge of the first half 
    of the Tractate of Bava Kamma, as well as details of Israeli history from 1948-1982.

    * The competition concluded with a lightening round for the top players from each team.

    About Talmud Israeli: Talmud Israeli is an innovative educational program combining the study of Talmud with Torah, modern Jewish history and Israel, with the goal of strengthening Jewish identity, connections to Israel, and ahavat ha’aretz among learners around the world. Talmud Israeli makes complicated Talmudic material accessible, understandable and enjoyable for learners of all ages by explaining one concept from each daf of the Gemara.  Over the past two years, Talmud Israeli - Daf Yomi For Us, the English branch of Talmud Israeli, has developed and customized material for English-speaking learners around the world.

    Follow us on Facebook:
    Like us on Instagram:
    Visit our website:

    Yael Schulman, North American Director                     
    Talmud Israeli - Daf Yomi For Us

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.

  • February 07, 2019 1:53 PM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    The Holocaust Before The Holocaust

    I have written an article, click here to view, entitled “The Holocaust Before The Holocaust” which discusses a little known, largely forgotten period in European Jewish history that took place exactly 100 years ago. I’d appreciate it if you might consider publishing it so that a larger number of us would learn what happened in 1919 and hopefully, its victims, especially the women, would not be forgotten.

    Alternatively, would you consider using my article as the basis for a personal interview so that you could create original content?

    In any case, thank you for your consideration.

    Jody Gorran
    10618 Whitewind Circle
    Boynton Beach, FL 33473

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.

  • February 06, 2019 1:56 PM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    My Israeli Products

    MIP - My Israeli Products and its founder entrepreneur, Adam Duzli, Invites the public to contribute to strengthen the small and medium Israeli businesses.

    MIP is a first-of-a-kind marketplace – a special place where you will find only Israeli products, produced mostly by small and medium-sized manufacturers in Israel. MIP was founded to allow Israeli manufacturers to expand their clientele and reach millions of households around the world with thousands of “Made in Israel” goods.

    MIP is headed by Adam Duzli, 34, From Ness Tziona, Israel. A former Captain in the IDF, who has, for the past 24 months has dedicated his time, money and efforts to promoting Israeli businesses around the globe.

    "This is my way of high lighting the great things we have to offer in Israel, showing the world that we not only have a beautiful country but we are creative and our products are of the highest of standards" says Adam, "Israel has many followers and lovers, and this is their opportunity to become more involved, and enjoy the best of Israel from wherever they are in the world".

    "Although there are many sites marketing Israeli brands, MIPs uniqueness is its ability to promote  small and medium sized businesses that have wonderful products but do not have the ability to reach global markets alone" Adds Adam.

    Adam is currently promoting MIP through INDIEGOGO (, a fund raising platform, allowing the contributors to purchase a gift and contribute to the project at the same time. The list of gifts will be updated once a week, all gifts are from Israel, and Israeli made..

    For more information please contact Yarden Roth at:

    Phone: +972-507852278

    Link to the campaign –


    Adam Duzli, Funder of "My Israeli Products"

    רחוב פנחס ספיר 8 נס ציונה, ישראל | Pinhas Sapir st 8 Ness Ziona, Israel

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  • February 01, 2019 1:47 PM | Laura Herring (Administrator)
    Feb. 1, 2019

    Gregg Wooding @ 972.567.7660

    Heroic U.S. Ebola Doctor Honored in NYC for Long-Time 
    Medical Missionary Service in Liberia, West Africa
    NY Jewish Philanthropists Present Prestigious $500,000 AMH Gerson L’Chaim Prize to SIM Missionary Dr. Rick Sacra; will help extend and expand SIM’s healthcare ministry in impoverished Liberia

    NEW YORK, NY — An American missionary doctor who risked his life at the height of Liberia’s 2014 Ebola crisis, and has spent more than 20 years doing medical missionary service in Africa, was honored for his many years of service there with SIM (, an international Christian mission organization.

    AMH Gerson L’Chaim Prize
    SIM Missionary, 56-year-old-Dr. Rick Sacra, Massachusetts native, received the prestigious 2018 AMH Rabbi Erica and Mark Gerson L’Chaim (“To Life”) Prize for Outstanding Christian Medical Missionary Service last night (Jan. 31, 2019). The annual award—the largest of its kind in the world—supporting clinical care in Africa—comes with a $500,000 gift.

    The prize is awarded by African Mission Healthcare (AMH),, a non-profit organization that strengthens mission hospitals to aid those in greatest need. AMH was co-founded in 2010 by entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, Mark Gerson and medical missionary, Dr. Jon Fielder, who is the organization’s chief executive; the two became friends in college. Gerson, and his wife, Rabbi Erica Gerson, established, and began funding, the annual award in 2016. They jointly presented the 2018 prize to Dr. Sacra during the awards ceremony.

    “I was overwhelmed when I learned about the award and am extremely honored to receive it, which I accept on behalf of all those serving God with their medical skills,” said Dr. Sacra who returned from Liberia for the awards ceremony. “I’m so grateful for the financial resources, and team of people God is putting in place to deploy them. This kind of support opens the door to accomplish things we’ve been dreaming about for years, which will benefit our patients and our community by improving the healthcare of thousands of Liberians.”
    Dr. Sacra is the third recipient of the AMH Gerson L’Chaim Prize.

    Why Dr. Sacra?
    Award benefactor Mark Gerson explained why Dr. Sacra received the 2018 AMH Gerson L’Chaim Prize.

    L’Chaim means ‘to life’—and it is the gift that the Christian medical missionaries serving in Africa provide to so many with remarkable effectiveness. Dr. Rick Sacra is a wonderful example of the love, compassion, and skills needed to provide this gift of life. When faced with adversity, including civil war, inadequate resources, and Ebola, he demonstrated heroism and commitment that we can only marvel at. When you add his passion and plans for training African health professionals, strengthening ELWA Hospital, and caring for the poor of Liberia, it’s very clear why he was selected as our 2018 AMH Gerson L’Chaim Prize winner.” 

    What the $500,000 will be used for?

    Dr. Sacra will use the prize money to strengthen facilities at SIM’s ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa) Hospital in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia; train Liberian Family Medicine residents; establish an intensive care unit with trained staff; and install solar power capacity.


    While caring for women with prolonged and crisis labor at ELWA Hospital, often operating to deliver their babies, Dr. Sacra was unknowingly exposed to and contracted the Ebola virus. He was flown back to the U.S. for specialized intensive treatment. On recovering, several months later, he returned to Liberia once more to continue his work.

    SIM/Missionary Work

    During his childhood, Dr. Sacra became inspired to pursue medical missionary work after hearing the story of the Good Samaritan. He is one of many doctors and other medical professionals serving with SIM in places of need around the world, using their skills to help share God’s love through their care, presence and example.

    He first went to Liberia to serve on a short-term mission trip in 1987. He and Debbie, his wife, moved there for full-time service in 1995. When civil war drove many Liberian refugees into neighboring Ivory Coast, the Sacras temporarily relocated there to serve them, before returning to Liberia.

    During his time in Liberia with SIM, Dr. Sacra has provided patient care training for medical workers and helped found ELWA’s HIV/AIDS counseling and treatment program.  

    AMH-Christian Broadcasting Network Matching Grant

    In addition to the $500,000 L’Chaim Prize, Dr. Sacra is also one of the beneficiaries of a matching grant collaboration between AMH and Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which is providing a total of $2 million across eight mission teaching hospitals, including ELWA Hospital, in Africa to expand care, training and infrastructure.          

    # # #

    About SIM
    SIM ( is an international Christian mission organization with more than 4,000 workers from 65 nations. SIM serves in education, community development, health care and Christian witness in more than 70 countries.  Founded in 1893 as Sudan Interior Mission, SIM now serves on six continents, responding to need, proclaiming the gospel and equipping the Church.

    About African Mission Healthcare

    African Mission Healthcare (AMH) is a US 501©3 non-profit organization which strengthens mission hospitals to aid those in greatest need. AMH’s approach is unique, investing time and resources to identify the investments that are really needed, carefully selecting the hospitals they work with, and truly partnering—not prescribing answers but together developing solutions. Since 2010, AMH has distributed nearly $20 million in assistance to 40 facilities in 16 countries. This support has made possible over 600,000 patient visits, 13,000 surgeries and corrective procedures, 115 healthcare scholarships, and training of more than 3,000 healthcare professionals.

    About the Gerson L’Chaim Award

    The Rabbi Erica and Mark Gerson L’Chaim (“To Life”) Prize for Outstanding Christian Medical Missionary Service is the world’s largest annual award dedicated to direct patient care. The product of the generosity of philanthropists Mark and Erica Gerson of New York City, the L’Chaim Prize is an annual $500,000 award selected by a panel of leaders in African medicine.

    About Mark Gerson

    Gerson graduated from Williams College with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and earned his Juris Doctor (JD) from Yale Law School. Co-founder and chairman of the Gerson Lehrman Group, a knowledge brokerage and primary research firm, he is also the author of books on intellectual history and education, and has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Commentary, USA Today and other publications. Gerson and his wife Erica have four children and live in New York.


    New York philanthropists Mark Gerson, and his wife Rabbi Erica Gerson, who established the annual AMH Gerson L’Chaim Prize for Outstanding Christian Medical Missionary Service, jointly presented the 2018 award to SIM Missionary Dr. Rick Sacra at a private dinner in New York City Jan. 31. Dr. Sacra received the honor for dedicating his life to medical missionary work in Africa. Mr. Gerson is also co-founder and chairman of Gerson Lehrman Group.

    # # #

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