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Recent JReleases

  • September 18, 2020 9:00 AM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and Mohamed bin Zayed University in the UAE to Collaborate on Artificial Intelligence Research

    A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) in the United Arab Emirates was signed on September 12, 2020.

    The signing ceremony, which was held virtually, took place in the presence of Weizmann Institute of Science President Prof. Alon Chen and His Excellency Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and member of the Federal Cabinet, and Chairman of the MBZUAI Board of Trustees. A delegation headed by Weizmann Institute President is expected to travel to Abu Dhabi next week to finalize the details of the MoU and discuss its implementation.

    The MoU was made possible by the recent agreement for normalization in relations between Israel and the UAE that will be signed in Washington, DC, later this week.

    The MoU covers a range of opportunities for collaboration between the two institutions, including student and postdoctoral fellow exchange programs, conferences and seminars, various forms of exchange between researchers, sharing of computing resource and the establishment of a joint virtual institute for artificial intelligence.

    The collaboration will advance the Weizmann Institute’s flagship project, the Artificial Intelligence Enterprise for Scientific Discovery, which will build on the Institute’s prominence in mathematics and computer science, and which is meant to activate the potential of AI to speed knowledge acquisition in data-heavy endeavors like biomedicine, environmental research, chemistry and astrophysics.

    His Excellency Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber: “As a pioneering university, MBZUAI seeks partnerships with leaders in their respective fields to further our collective scientific understanding and push the boundaries of technological innovation. Therefore, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with such a renowned establishment as the Weizmann Institute of Science. Through this MoU we can leverage the expertise of both our institutes towards using artificial intelligence to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, from COVID-19 to climate change and beyond.”

    Prof. Alon Chen, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with this unique, pioneering institution and to advance the field of artificial intelligence together. As a neuroscientist, I believe that AI is an extension of the power and intricacy of the human brain into the digital realm; the implications will be vast, affecting our lives our health and the global economy. It is said that science knows no borders. I have every hope this collaboration between scientists in the same region will be a shining example of this expression, and will extend the boundaries of human knowledge.”

    The Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, is one of the world’s top-ranking multidisciplinary research institutions and offers masters’ and doctoral-level degrees across five faculties. Noted for its wide-ranging exploration of the natural and exact sciences. Institute scientists are advancing research on the human brain, artificial intelligence, computer science and encryption, astrophysics and particle physics, and they are tackling diseases such as cancer, and addressing climate change through environmental, ocean and plant sciences, and more.

    The Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, established in 2019, is a graduate-level, research-based academic institution located in Abu Dhabi. Named for the UAE crown prince, the University is part of a broader national strategy to make the UAE a leader in artificial intelligence. It offers doctoral and master’s degree programs in the fields of computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing.

    Contact: Jeffrey J. Sussman | 212.895.7951 |

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.
  • September 10, 2020 9:00 AM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    The National Center to Encourage Judaism
    is now giving grants for on-line programming
    that helps connect new people with Judaism

    For over 35 years the National Center to Encourage Judaism has supported programs offered by established Jewish nonprofits (synagogues, JCCs, and others) that educate, engage, and connect people who do not identify as Jewish with Judaism. In that time, we have funded hundreds of in-person programs for individuals in the process of conversion, those who have recently converted, interfaith families, and others interested in exploring Judaism. Now, due to COVID, we are funding virtual programs that meet our eligibility guidelines. Applications are accepted anytime, and a decision is generally made within 45 days. Grants partially cover marketing, program materials, and other direct expenses for a variety of programs, including holiday workshops, introduction to Judaism classes, family programs, and discussion groups. Read more about what we fund online.

    Our goal remains the same: encouraging Jewish organizations to offer programming that helps individuals and families establish a Jewish identity and create a Jewish home. We encourage inquiries and innovative ideas via email throughout the year. For example, recent grantees are supplementing Zoom with holiday baskets (such as “Shabbaskets”) and other physical materials to reinforce on-line learning, build community, and strengthen connections to Judaism. Find more supported programs on our website.

    For more details, go to NCEJ’s grants page or apply now.

    Links from above for reference:

    NCEJ --

    Apply for a grant --

    Our grantees --

    What we fund --

    Virtual programs --

  • September 09, 2020 9:00 AM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    The groundbreaking Let My People Eat podcast joins Jewish Coffee House, a single online destination to discover, download, and enjoy the most popular Jewish podcasts

    Los Angeles, CA (September 8, 2020) — Let My People Eat, is proud to announce that it is joining Jewish Coffee House, a leader in premium podcasting that tackles authentic issues in the Jewish world.

    Let My People Eat, ( is the only podcast devoted exclusively to a kosher, holistic nutrition lifestyle, with new weekly episodes focused on the health of the Jewish community. Co-hosts Jill Sharfman, a holistic nutritionist, and Dr. Andrea Moskowitz, MD, an accomplished psychiatrist, demystify confusing talk about food and wellness, arming their audience with the knowledge and confidence to eat, feel, and be healthy every day!

    One of the most recent episodes featured The Plant-Based Nutritionist, Julieanna Hever, and discussed whether you should be eating a vegan diet and what the Torah’s viewpoint on the subject is. This episode added to the over 16,000 unique downloads that the podcast has garnered since launching in January 2019. LMPE has over 80 episodes currently available on all streaming services.

    “As a Jewish mother in LA focused on providing the most nutritious and well-balanced diet for my family, I understand the frustration of having to cut through the clutter surrounding health and nutrition,” says podcast co-host and holistic nutritionist Jill Sharfman. “Our podcast, Let My People Eat, is dedicated to improving the health and happiness of the Jewish community by providing straightforward kosher content that presents the facts. Our approach to a healthy lifestyle is founded on medical research and mindful of the integral halachic and spiritual tenets of Jewish life. In each episode we illustrate how to incorporate various avenues of healthy living, such as gluten-free or keto diets into a kosher lifestyle, discussing what really works and what doesn’t. Feedback from the Let My People Eat podcast audience, shows that listeners highly recommend that their friends and family in the Jewish community tune in as it "really does apply to us and our kosher nutrition needs." We are looking forward to sharing informative and entertaining episodes about Jewish healthy living with our audience, and becoming a part of the Jewish Coffee House family.”

    “Jill and Dr. Andrea represent everything we look for in our premium lineup of stars on Jewish Coffee House,” said founder Rabbi Scott Kahn. “This collaboration illustrates our love for relatable, spirited, and informative content. With all the false information surrounding health, Jill and Dr. Andrea prove to be great resources as hosts of the only lifestyle podcast focused on kosher, holistic, healthy living.”

    The new Fall 2020 season lineup includes high holiday cooking tips with world-renowned Jewish cookbook author, Danielle Renov, how food can help manage anxiety and depression, and an October episode in conjunction with Sharsheret, a nonprofit organization with the goal of supporting Jewish women diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancers.

    Fans of the podcast can contact Jill Sharfman via email ( to provide feedback for the podcast or to become a guest on the show.

    To listen to the podcast, visit Apple Podcasts, Spotify, GooglePlay, and Stitcher and It is also available on the NakiRadio wi-fi player portal.

    Follow Jill Sharfman on Instagram @letmypeople_eat and on Facebook @letmypeopleeatpodcast.


    About Jewish Coffee House:

    Jewish Coffee House is a podcast network, which produces and broadcasts both audio and video content focusing on matters of genuine concern to our Jewish heritage, while simultaneously appreciating aspects of secular culture. Our lineup of podcasts are enlightening, entertaining, professionally produced, and deal with authentic issues in the Jewish world. Jewish Coffee House’s other popular podcasts include The Franciska Show, Orthodox Conundrum, Intimate Judaism, Chochmat Nashim, The Maimonides Minute, Ask the Rabbis, and Intellectual Spirituality. General inquiries:

    Dr. Andrea Moskowitz & Jill H. Sharfman, NC, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

    Jill Sharfman
    CEO Let My People Eat

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.
  • August 20, 2020 9:00 AM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    Save today’s history to avoid mistakes of the past

    These are unprecedented days with historic objects and monuments being destroyed, books banned and burned, religious beliefs under attack, and attempts made to alter, and in worse cases, erase history.

    Additionally, antisemitism is on the rise around the world, politicians are veering far right and left, and as World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder pointed out in a recent interview with The Jewish Chronicle, “We’re now dealing with the third generation after the liberation of Auschwitz…and these are young people who have no contact with what happened.”

    So, where will people go for the truth – for actual first-person accounts of Jewish history and what transpired in their own communities? Inevitably, they will turn to the most trusted sources, journalists who provided observations, interviews and photographs. The most reliable source is undoubtedly the newspaper but, for people to explore the archives, the information has to be digitally accessible and searchable.

    Without digital preservation, the written history is at constant risk of being lost forever whether it be by natural deterioration, disaster such as fire or flood, or by something darker such as intentional destruction or vandalism.

    “We work with dozens of religious publications across the country who really have strong feelings about not only preserving the facts but also making history accessible and searchable for future generations,” noted Paul Jeffko, the founder of ArchiveInABox. “We share their passion for protecting the first draft of history so the details, whether it be news or lifecycle events, are available to people far and wide.”

    Jeffko created ArchiveInABox to make it easy and affordable for publishers and organizations to scan historic archive materials and place them online where they can be searched from anywhere in the world. Scanning services include shipping, white-glove handling of original newspapers, and the return of the originals and digital files to the owner. “In addition to digitizing archives, we provide a suite of hosting options including free, low cost and custom. You tell us what you need, and we will make it happen,” added Jeffko. 

    The Jewish News in Tidewater, Virginia had experienced people cutting articles out of the original bound volume archives so they turned to ArchiveInABox to scan the originals and place the archive, dating back to 1947, online at  “The online archive has huge value…there’s a warm feeling seeing the history of our community, everyone really loves seeing old photographs,” explained Jewish News Editor Terri Denison. “Now people can easily research both people and events… the online archive makes that so much easier.”

    Visit or contact us to get started with your digital preservation project.

    Karen Tarica

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.

  • July 13, 2020 9:00 AM | Laura Herring (Administrator)


    Ahlam Tamimi Was Mastermind of 2001 Sbarro Bombing in Jerusalem That Killed 15, Including 2 Americans

    JULY 13, 2020 -- Eighteen major Jewish organizations in the United States have publicly called on the United States government to exert pressure on Jordan’s King Abdullah II to extradite Ahlam Tamimi, the Jordanian fugitive terrorist behind the 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem that killed 15 persons, including two American nationals. An additional victim, a young mother who was also an American national, has remained comatose in all the years since the bombing.

    They “express our collective outrage over the Kingdom of Jordan’s refusal to extradite the murderer of American citizens,” the organizations declared in a written statement released today. They “call upon our government to hold… Jordan accountable to its commitments under its extradition treaty with the United States and bring all pressure to bear including but not limited to recent government legislation significantly impacting U.S. financial aid to Jordan.”

    The public declaration comes just weeks before the anniversary of the August 9, 2001 attack that injured and maimed 130.

    Tamimi, a key plotter in the attack, was a 21-year-old newsreader at a Palestinian Arab television station in the summer of 2001. She would later claim credit for the attack, admitting to scouting the location of Sbarro – a popular eatery in the heart of downtown Jerusalem – and bringing the bomb to its door. 

    She has boasted for the record [LINK at 2m10s] that two of the factors leading her to pick the pizzeria as a bombing target were the crowds that gathered there during lunch hour and that she “knew there was a Jewish religious school nearby..." If there was any cloud in her bright skies, it was – in her words [LINK] - that “I admit that I was a bit disappointed because I had hoped for a larger toll.”

    Tamimi was arrested several weeks after the attack and tried in an Israeli court where she confessed to all the charges. She was sentenced to 16 terms of life imprisonment. But she was conditionally freed in a 2011 deal in which Israel secured the release of Gilad Shalit, held hostage by Hamas for five years.

    “We have been working hard to move public opinion in the US to stand with us,” said Arnold Roth, whose 15-year-old daughter, Malki, an American citizen, was murdered in the attack. “It’s an ongoing process. The organizations whose support we’re announcing today speak publicly and with one voice in this extraordinary call for justice for Malki and the other Sbarro victims. It’s time that Jordan’s disregard for its legal, diplomatic and moral obligations to hand Tamimi over to U.S. justice was brought to an end.” 

    The American organizations expressing their support for the Roths include the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, AIPAC, the Jewish Federations of North America, Agudath Israel of America, The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and Yeshiva University. Their statement comes four weeks after AP reported [LINK] the Trump administration is considering the withholding of assistance to Jordan as leverage to secure Tamimi’s extradition to Washington.

    NOTE to editors: Photographs of Malki Roth are available at


    Signatories (in alphabetical order):

    • Agudath Israel of America
    • AIPAC - The American Israel Public Affairs Committee
    • B’nai B’rith International
    • Bnai Zion Foundation
    • Coalition for Jewish Values
    • Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
    • Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
    • Jewish Federations of North America
    • National Council of Young Israel
    • NCSEJ: National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry
    • Rabbinical Alliance of America
    • Rabbinical Assembly
    • Rabbinical Council of America
    • Religious Zionists of America - Mizrachi
    • Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
    • World Jewish Congress North America
    • Yeshiva University
    • Zionist Organization of America

    Text of the Declaration and Statement of Solidarity

    "WHEREAS, August 9, 2020 will mark the 19th anniversary of the Palestinian terrorist bombing at the Sbarro pizzeria in downtown Jerusalem, in which 15 civilians were killed, including 7 children and a pregnant woman, and 130 wounded, among them a woman who remains comatose in a vegetative state; and

    WHEREAS, two of the murdered civilians – 15-year-old Malki Roth and 31-year-old teacher Judith Hayman Greenbaum were U.S. citizens; and

    WHEREAS, the unrepentant plotter of the bombing, Ahlam Tamimi, now lives in Jordan; and

    WHEREAS, the Government of Jordan, an American ally and the world’s fourth-largest recipient of U.S. financial aid, refuses to extradite Tamimi to the United States, in direct contravention of its treaty obligations;

    NOW, therefore, we, the undersigned:

    EXPRESS our collective outrage over the Kingdom of Jordan’s refusal to extradite the murderer of American citizens.

    STAND in solidarity with the families of the victims and their quest for justice.

    CALL upon our government to hold the Kingdom of Jordan accountable to its commitments under its extradition treaty with the United States and bring all pressure to bear, including, but not limited to, recent government legislation significantly impacting U.S. financial aid to Jordan.

    PLEDGE to join forces with the families of the victims until their demand to see justice meted-out to the murderer of American citizens is realized.”


    Arnold Roth | | +972-54-560-1002
    Mordechai Twersky | | +972-52-432-4540

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  • June 22, 2020 9:16 AM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    Pharmacy CEO Champions Masks Manufactured in Israel

    R&T Pharmacy Corp partners with leading Israeli medical equipment manufacturer for distribution of surgical-grade masks

    Safety masks and other personal protective equipment is meant to protect against coronavirus, but because of rushed and counterfeit production, people have unknowingly put themselves at risk by buying supplies from an inferior supplier. The rush for equipment to protect against COVID-19 led to a rise in counterfeit protective gear, including masks. In March 2020, a Global News article reported announced that counterfeit safety masks were pulled from websites in India, Pakistan and a half-dozen other countries. European countries have reported severing ties with equipment vendors because of substandard manufacturing conditions and low-quality equipment.

    R&T Pharmacy Corp is gaining ground in the battle for easily-accessible, high-quality face masks with the BEEZ-Safe Masks manufactured in highly-sterile, regulated facilities in Israel.

    CEO Jay Enis says he chose a manufacturing facility in Israel because, “Israel is known for its' innovation and technology.” Israel has a well-earned reputation of always being at the forefront of medical research and health care technology. Israel’s doctors and scientists are more than practitioners and researchers of medicine – they are visionaries and global leaders in their individual fields.

    In addition to being manufactured in superior facilities, these masks are surgical-grade and used in operating rooms across the world, making them a safer option to many DIY cloth masks and disposable 3-ply masks manufactured for speed at the onset of the pandemic.

    The BEEZ-Safe mask is available in convenient 25-count boxes and can be purchased directly from their website. For more information, visit

    About R&T Pharmacy Corp:  A leader in the health, pharmacy, and PPE space, R&T Pharmacy Corp is proud to be able to make the same high-grade masks used by surgeons and medical staff in hospitals around the world available to public to reduce health risks. Their masks are made in safe, sterile manufacturing facilities in Israel, a partnership based on Israel’s well-earned reputation of always being at the forefront of medical research and health care technology.

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.

  • May 07, 2020 9:00 AM | Laura Herring (Administrator)

    Are you prepared for the unimaginable?

    Nothing is more powerful a reminder of the fragility of life, even our existence, than a pandemic. Are we truly prepared for the unexpected? Are we prepared to change the way we conduct business? How will life go on?

    As the world turns to online resources for finance, meetings, shopping, even family gatherings, it is clear that digital infrastructure has “saved the day” for many.  That is the core of our business -- helping organizations digitally preserve and host historical information online where it can be easily searched and explored. In a time of social distancing, people are conducting genealogical or other historical research from home and need access to your community's history including life-cycle events. 

    Further, what makes digital archive preservation an imperative rather than a luxury is the rapid change taking place in community newspapers. While some are closing their doors, merging with other papers, or halting printing altogether, we cannot afford to have these precious archives lost in the shuffle. 

    ArchiveInABox helps communities preserve and make their history accessible even in our own state where The Jewish Transcript closed its doors several years ago. While we were asked to scan only a portion of their archives, those pages -- some from the first year of publication in 1924 -- are now accessible on a dedicated webpage

    Remembrance is a critical component of Judaism - remembering the past and the present; remembering the people and events who contributed to your community story. ArchiveInABox helps communities preserve and provide online access to the information and people in your newspaper archives so that they can be remembered today and by future generations. Contact us to learn more.

    Karen Tarica

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  • April 21, 2020 8:23 AM | Deleted user
 (Genealogical Publishing Company) is pleased to announce the release of Genealogy at a Glance. Finding Eastern European Jewish Ancestors, by Janette Silverman. Finding Eastern European Jewish Ancestors is the latest title in the Genealogy at a Glance series of laminated research aids. This guide is intended as an aid to researchers who are searching for Ashkenazic Jewish ancestors from Eastern Europe who immigrated to the United States primarily between 1880 and 1924.

         Researchers face many difficulties when trying to identify their Ashkenazic ancestors. For example, since the majority of Ashkenazic immigrants likely changed either their given name or their surname after arriving in the United States, locating them in record sources is particularly challenging. Pinpointing an Ashkenazic ancestor’s hometown is likewise a challenge, since over time some Eastern European countries ceased to exist, had lands ceded to other countries or encountered border changes, or had town names that were known by different names in different languages

         Professional genealogist and author Janette Silverman tackles these and other difficulties and then offers concrete advice on how to overcome these difficulties. In just four, laminated pages, she conveys everything you need to know to get your research started—the most helpful databases and reference works, as well as the major record sources, repositories, and online resources. Identifying Ashkenazic immigrants is challenging, but with this Genealogy at a Glance guide at your side, the task will become much easier.

         Genealogy at a Glance. Finding Eastern European Jewish Ancestors retails for $9.95 and can be ordered directly from, by clicking on the following link: 

         Additional titles in the Genealogy at a Glance series cover the countries of Poland, Italy, Germany, France, and the nations of the United Kingdom. For more information about Genealogy at a Glance. Finding Eastern European Jewish Ancestors, author Janette Silverman, or to request a review copy, please contact:Joe Garonzik, Marketing Director at 410-837-8271, ext. 102 or

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  • February 18, 2020 8:36 AM | Deleted user

    The Baltimore Jewish Times Hires New Editor 

    The Baltimore Jewish Times (JT), owned and operated by Mid-Atlantic Media, is excited to announce the hiring of a new editor, Selah Maya Zighelboim. She formerly was digital editor and a staff writer of the Jewish Exponent in Philadelphia, an affiliated publication of the JT.

    As digital editor at the Exponent, the second-oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper in the country, she led the paper in rethinking and prioritizing its online presence. She boosted the readership significantly by bringing a fresh point of view to a traditional newspaper, implementing SEO practices, galvanizing the paper’s social media accounts, and developing new digital media policies. Zighelboim received four awards for spot news, health and medical reporting, business and labor reporting, and news feature writing from the Society of Professional Journalists and from the Professional Keystone Press Awards.

    Zighelboim grew up in New Orleans and Austin, Texas, where she attended Jewish day schools, which she says were instrumental in forming her Jewish identity. She received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Texas, as well as an interdisciplinary certificate in digital art and media. Zighelboim, who lives in Mt. Vernon, is looking forward to getting to know the Baltimore-area Jewish community.

    “The Baltimore Jewish Times has kept the local Jewish community abreast of what’s going on in the community for more than a century,” Zighelboim said. “I am humbled to take on this role, and I want to do this historic publication proud. I want to keep up the tradition of what this publication has represented while also making it meaningful and engaging for a 21st-century audience.”

    Craig Burke, JT publisher, said Zighelboim was a natural fit for the publication. “During our search for the new JT editor, one of our priorities was to raise JT’s digital activity and presence. It was clear to us during our meetings with Selah Maya that she was the candidate who can lead us to improve our digital content and deliver a fresh content approach for JT’s print publication. I know our readers are going to enjoy JT with her leadership.”

    The Baltimore Jewish Times, an award-winning news magazine published by Mid-Atlantic Media, is a cherished weekly tradition for more than a 100 years. Its mission is to produce high-quality articles of interest, as well as build and strengthen the Jewish community.

    Mid-Atlantic Media is a growing custom communications firm centered in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. corridor with projects stretching from the Mid-Atlantic region across North America. The company publishes Baltimore’s Child, Baltimore Jewish Times, Baltimore STYLE magazine, Consumer's Eye Magazine, Frederick’s Child, Home Services Magazine, Washington Family and Washington Jewish Week, while the Mid-Atlantic Custom Media division produces and manages titles and projects in a range of industries both in print and digitally.

    Media Contact: Jeni Mann Tough

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.

  • February 18, 2020 8:27 AM | Deleted user

    InterfaithFamily Changes Name to 18Doors
    The Only National Jewish Organization Focused on Interfaith Families
    Begins a New Era

    Launches Interactive Website, Enhances Jewish Clergy Referral Service; Expands Professional Development

    (NEWTON, Mass. – February 18, 2020) InterfaithFamily has changed its name to 18Doors, ushering in a new era for the organization and the couples and families it serves.

    “It is critically important for our name to reflect the diversity of the Jewish community, of families, of observance within the Jewish community and of ways in which couples and families with children connect to doing Jewish,” said CEO Jodi Bromberg. “18Doors does that.”

    The origin of this change began over one year ago, when the organization launched a rebranding project with Starfish, a New York marketing agency. The goal was to find a name that was current and creative, and representative of the tens of thousands of interfaith couples and families with children we support.

    After reviewing hundreds of names, the rebranding working group found 18Doors and the tagline Unlocking Jewish, and knew that it had found its new name.

    “We rolled out a bold new strategic plan in 2018, and this is the next phase in our evolution as an organization,” said Board Chair Bruce Taylor. “Now, we have a new name and tagline to match the energy of our organization.”

    The new name evokes:

          The diversity of interfaith couples and families that 18Doors serves

          The many journeys and entry points for interfaith families into Jewish life

          How we help open doors (“unlock Jewish”) for couples and families—and for Jewish organizations and communities in figuring out how to create inclusive spaces

          The Jewish homonym “L’dor v’dor,” and the importance of Jewish continuity and passing Jewish values from generation to generation

          That it is a Jewish organization, with the subtle reference to chai (“life”) by using the number 18

    “With our new name and brand, a new website, and an enhanced Jewish clergy referral service that fosters relationships between our users, clergy, and our organization, and new professional development offerings, we’ll expand our reach and impact,” said Bromberg. “Now, we will be able to connect more closely with families and couples that include Jewishly-identified family members, and family members of different cultural or religious backgrounds—with the freedom to use language that resonates for them.”

    About 18Doors:

    18Doors, formerly InterfaithFamily, is here to help you build confidence in your relationship with Jewish. We understand Jewish interfaith relationships—and deliver knowledge and connection in a non-judgmental way to help you open the door to Jewish. From digital content and in-person offerings that help couples and families, to a rabbinic fellowship and learning opportunities for Jewish professionals and clergy, we deliver helpful information with a warm welcome and inclusive vibe. Need to connect with a rabbi or cantor to officiate your wedding, baby naming or just to talk? Want to meet other interfaith couples and families like you? Or need help figuring out how to do Jewish? We’re here to help. Visit us at

    For more information, or to request reprint permission for wedding content, please contact Lindsey Silken, 18Doors Editorial Director, at 617-581-6808 or

    Disclaimer: JRelease is a press release service of AJPA. AJPA does not endorse and cannot vouch for material distributed by this service.

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