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2024 AJPA Annual Conference

AJPA 2024 Virtual Annual Conference

September 11-12, 2024

The American Jewish Press Association and 70 Faces Media are partnering to produce a 2-day virtual conference on September 11 and September 12 2024, focused on highly practical skill-building in several key areas. To accommodate members in all time zones, the conference will take place in the range of 12pm - 5pm ET. 

If you have any questions, please contact AJPA headquarters at 480-403-4602.

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Click here to learn more about speakers and sessions.

Conference Fees


In-Person Conference Attendee 
(Only available for those who attended the in-person conference in Nashville from June 2-4, 2024)
Member - Freelancer/Students



JTA Syndicate




Organizational Registration
(Includes unlimited seats)
Organizational Registration & Sponsorship   
(Includes unlimited seats & recognition as a sponsor)

AJPA's Cancellation Policy

Participants are eligible for a full refund if the registration was cancelled in writing more than 30 days (by Monday, August 12, 2024) in advance of the start date of the eventCancellations made between Tuesday, August 13 and Tuesday, September 10 are subject to an administrative processing fee of $15. Cancellations on or after Wednesday, September 11 will not be given a refund. Written cancellation notification should be sent to admin@ajpa.orgRefunds will be processed no longer than 30 days following a request. Please include your AJPA confirmation e-mail in your request.

Virtual Conference Code of Conduct

By registering and attending, all attendees and guests agree and acknowledge you are participating in the event on your own free will. While the American Jewish Press Association (AJPA) and third parties associated with the event, do their best to provide the safest possible environment for the event, you acknowledge freely and knowingly that as a result of registration and participation, you hereby assume responsibility for your own well-being and safety, releasing AJPA and event vendors of any harm.

AJPA is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants. All participants, including, but not limited to, attendees, speakers, industry partners, sponsors, AJPA staff members, service providers, and all others are expected to abide by this Virtual Conference Code of Conduct. This Policy applies to all AJPA meeting-related events, including those sponsored by organizations other than AJPA but held in conjunction with AJPA events, on public or private platforms.

AJPA has zero-tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment by participants or our staff at our meetings. If you experience harassment or hear of any incidents of unacceptable behavior, please inform Desirae Barquin, CAE, Executive Director, or 480-403-4602 so that we can take the appropriate action.

Unacceptable Behavior is defined as:

  • Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form.
  • Verbal abuse of any attendees, speakers, industry partners, sponsors, AJPA staff members, service providers, or other meeting guest.
    (Examples of verbal abuse include, but are not limited to, verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, national origin, inappropriate use of nudity and/or sexual images in public spaces or in presentations, or threatening or stalking any attendees, speakers, industry partners, sponsors, AJPA staff members, service providers, or other meeting guest.)

In addition, participants are asked to adhere to the following rules:

  • The recording or transmissions of any education sessions, presentations, demos, videos, or content in any format is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise permitted by AJPA staff or service providers.
  • Disruption of presentations during sessions, or at other events organized by AJPA throughout the virtual meeting. All participants must comply with the instructions of the moderator and any AJPA event staff.
  • Presentations, postings, and messages should not contain promotional materials, pricing, special offers, job offers, product announcements, or solicitation for services. AJPA reserves the right to remove such messages and potentially ban sources of those solicitations.
  • Participants should not copy or take screen shots of Q&A or any chat room activity that takes place in the virtual space.

AJPA reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary and appropriate, including immediate removal from the meeting without warning or refund, in response to any incident of unacceptable behavior, and AJPA reserves the right to prohibit attendance at any future meeting, virtually or in person.

Event Photo Release: By participating in the event, you agree and acknowledge that your picture/video may be taken and used in future AJPA marketing materials (i.e. website, social media, newsletter). If you do NOT want your picture used in AJPA marketing, please contact to opt-out.

Please note AJPA reserves the right to update and amend event policies and procedures in advance of the event. Please be sure to read correspondence from AJPA in regards to what to expect while onsite at the conference.

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