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Periodically, AJPA will hold an integrated conference call and online presentation for all AJPA members about various issues affecting the Jewish press community. Webinars and other conference calls give our members a chance to communicate ideas and techniques with their colleagues in the Jewish press to improve their newspaper content, business strategies, etc. Webinars are a great chance for members to learn from an industry expert without having to travel further than their own computer. Audio recording from past webinars are available to AJPA members by clicking here 

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    • April 14, 2021
    • (EDT)
    • April 28, 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 2 sessions
    • Zoom Webinar

    Sales Management Webinar

    Part 1: Lesson in Sales
    Wednesday, April 14

    As we know, our print publications currently face an array of issues---among them are reduced circulation, aging readership (consequently of less appeal to many clients), and advertising erosion--resulting in hollowed out newspapers thus accelerating readership/advertising declines.

    Our goal in this hands on webinar is to reacquaint publishers and/or sales managers with the fundamentals of sales. This webinar will be geared towards print publications but is applicable to digital publications as well. We will review cold calling, from the opening lines to post call follow up and sales materials. We will share ideas about how to begin a resurgence in sales outreach in this interactive webinar with your peers.

    In addition, we will discuss quick, motivating but not costly sales recognition programs. 

    In order to get the most out of this webinar we do ask participants to prepare the following:

    • Create a list of 20 good clients your publication has lost in past two years (aside from those who are out of business)
    • Identify five existing clients you think you could possibly increase their business with by 50%
    • Identify in-paper (or online) weekly sections (school sports, obits, local community news, whatever, etc.) that could be offered for sponsorships
    • List the three ugliest, scariest, nastiest phone calls you dread making as you anticipate rudeness, rejection, and disrespect, we call these 'scary calls'
    • Review top three money maker special sections in the past three years
    Register today for this beneficial and “back to the basics” webinar.

    Part 2: Sales Clinic
    Wednesday, April 28

    In this session, we’ll follow up to check on your progress and how your publication’s sales have increased.

    Participation in both sessions is not required but is strongly recommended. By completing this registration, you will automatically RSVP for both sessions.  

    About our host: Russell Pergament is the publisher for JNS, Jewish News Syndicate
    • June 27, 2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • June 30, 2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • Atlanta, GA

    More information coming soon.

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